Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for affordable landscaping services, then AM Landscaping & Construction Inc is the company to look out for. We receive various questions about our services and our company on a daily basis from our clients. That is why we have created this FAQ to answer the most common questions we receive. We hope this page will help you clarify your doubts!

Q: How can the use of mulch help my landscape?

A: Mulch can benefit your landscape in various ways. Quality mulch acts as a barrier and protects the soil from extreme weather conditions. It also helps in retaining soil moisture. Using mulch also ensures that no unwanted weeds and pests are living rent-free in your yard. Mulch breaks down the underlying soil and maintains its structure. It eventually benefits your flowerbeds and shrubs. Count on us for a quality mulch installation on your landscape.

Q: What areas do you provide your services in?

A: We work for all residential clients in South Plainfield, NJ. We also assist any interested homeowner with their landscaping needs in the following areas:

  • Metuchen Borough, NJ
  • Woodbridge, NJ
  • Plainfield, NJ
  • Piscataway Township, NJ
  • Highland Park Borough, NJ

Q: Can you install patios in my front yard?

A: Absolutely! We are a renowned hardscape contractor that specializes in installing gorgeous and functional outdoor spaces, including patios. Our experts assist you with eye-catching patio designs and any other specific features you would like to build around them. Whether you want a space to relax or entertain your guests, we can make you just the right one to suit your lifestyle!

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: AM Landscaping & Construction Inc is a renowned company that has been around since 2014. Currently, we have 8+ years of experience in this field. We have produced stunning results for many clients with our unique methods and quality work throughout all these years. So, don’t hesitate to count on us for excellent service.

Q: Why should I get professional lawn care?

A: A lawn is a beautiful addition to your home, but maintaining it requires commitment and proper knowledge. A professional has in-depth knowledge about eliminating specific weeds and pests or maintaining the soil structure. That is why a quality landscaper is the best person for lawn maintenance!

Q: Can I get a free quote for all your services?

A: Absolutely! We can offer free quotes for all our services upon the request of our clients. So, get in touch with us today for your free quote.

Q: How do you accept your payment?

A: We have made payment options flexible for our clients. We accept payments via all major credit cards, cash, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle.

Q: How should I contact your company?

A: You can contact us by dialing (908) 321-4990! Our representative will quickly respond to your calls and politely answer your queries. We always appreciate your interest in our services.

Was this FAQ page informative? Did we miss anything important? If you want to learn more about our quality mulching and other services in South Plainfield, NJ, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We always appreciate your calls.

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